Friday, July 27, 2012

how to improve quality of your blog

how to improve quality of your blog? The quality of your blog’s content should be good and it should be original. The blog’s content should not be copied from other websites or blogs. Try to write something new and different from others so people can attract to your blog and keep following you. so you need to think improve quality of blogging

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Think about Blog Design And View-what is blog design

second step is think about how to do  blog design and view should be good so that more visitors can attract to your blog. As a Blogger has launched dynamic views which are much better then other views it provides more convenient way to visitors to read your blog. In dynamic views visitor can see thousands of posts on a single page so it is good to use dynamic view rather then using any other view. And you should use light color schemes in your blog and avoid warm colors so readers feel good to read your blog

Why need blog hosting - free blog hosting or paid blog hosting

blog hosting  is important for all bloggers. Many people who work as  bloggers use their own domain name and some of them use free services like however  having own domain name is grate then free services because if you use free service and after sometime you need to switch to your own domain then you can loose your most of the visitors as they come from search engines. Self domain name will create your own identity and people will trust you more.
Example  free domain your own domain 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Think Topic For Your Blog- Best Topic For Blog

The First Thing is think about what is the my blog topic,how to find best topic for blog. it is depend on your knowledge,ability,time and more. i give example for understand the topic for blog. lets think your are the undergraduate student in USA. you are following Business Management Degree. that mean you collect many knowledge about business management. now you can think topic. lets think human resource management. i think you have good knowledge about human resource management. as a example
1)what is human resource management
2)what are the function of human resource management
3)what are the application of HRM

Now I think You have Good idea for select best topic for your blog.

how to start your blog

the first problem is how to start your blog. to understand the process simply i catagarized basic task as follows.
1) Think What I have To Write-Select Topic
2) How To collect Data For My blog-Gathering Data,images
3)How much time  i can use for bloging-Think Time table
4) The education back Ground- what is my educational level- ex can i write english well
5) how much time can i allocate for internet

Monday, July 23, 2012

What Is The Best Content For Your Blog

Before You start a blog for earn money you should have think about content of your blog. that mean what i need to write and what people like to search on google,yahoo,msn. that mean your blog should important to your readers. that mean it should have grate value to your readers. as a example some one need to know " How to Get Credit Card Less Fee" so he try to find information it using search engines. he get many results and read and get information. lets think he found your  blog   and get valuble information and he thought your blog is valuable and may be he will share your blog with face book or other social network. that will give grate result to you because you get traffic to your blog. you should remember traffic mean Money

how to earn money from blogging-possible ways of money making from bloggong

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